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Hassenfeld Library: For Teachers

Resources for Teachers

This page collects information for teachers interested in professional development. If you have a resource to share -- a link, an article, a book title, lesson plans, or anything else -- please email it to Kate Pritchard (kpritchard@usn.org).

Databases for Teachers

Websites for Teachers

Curricula Created at USN

What Can the Library Do For You?

What can our librarians do for you?

  • Get books into students' hands: We support independent reading through booktalks, library visits, and book carts in classrooms, and we provide e-books and audiobooks too. With the Book Rec Request Form, we offer personalized recommendations and even curated stacks of books.
  • Help you choose great books: Does your classroom library need an update? Do you want to add some new titles to your curriculum? We live for this sort of thing!

  • Celebrate our community of readers: This could take many different forms, from sharing student-created work in the library or on our website, to larger community events like the Spring Reading Challenge.

  • Arrange author visits: Let's talk about who you might want to visit your classes!

  • Find materials to support your curriculum & student projects: Books, articles, videos, podcasts, reference materials, trustworthy websites: we can help you (and your students) find anything you need.

  • Teach research skills: These include generating a topic & driving questions; keeping your materials organized; searching effectively; and identifying, evaluating, and citing sources.

  • Co-design a project: Got an idea for a new project? We’re eager to help you develop it!

  • Create materials to support you & your students in your research: These could include screencasts on various topics, skills, or resources; citation guides & templates; troubleshooting documents; or a LibGuide to keep all materials for a project in one place.

  • Meet with students individually or in small groups: Whether this is required, optional, extra credit, or just as needed, please send students our way whenever they could use our support.

  • Grade sources and bibliographies: We all know bibliographies are important, but is anyone more passionate about them than librarians? Let us help you by grading these!

  • Connect you with resources at Vanderbilt: We can help you access the abundant materials available through Vanderbilt’s libraries. (NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions, resources from Vanderbilt were not available to USN during the 2020-2021 school year. We will send out an update when we know whether or not this will change for 2021-2022.)

  • Support your own personal and professional growth: Whether you’re working on a new certification or just following your own interests, we can help you find what you need.

  • Share our school archives: Our excellent archives is a great place to look for primary sources about local history and the history of PDS/USN.

Specific Topics

Hassenfeld Library's Professional Collection

The Hassenfeld Library maintains a collection of books related to teaching and parenting. These books have the call number prefix PRF and are located on the library's main floor, on the Edgehill side, just behind the fiction and short story sections.