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Hassenfeld Library: About the Library

Library Staff

Kristin Frank
Assistant to the Lower School Librarian
(615) 732-6717
Catherine Lemaire Lozier
Library Assistant
(615) 732-6718
Kate Pritchard
MS/HS Librarian
(615) 277-1126
Emily Theobald
Lower School Librarian
(615) 732-6717
Kat Trammell
(615) 277-1121

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many items does the library have in its collection?

A: Nearly 30,000.

Q: Can parents take out books too?

A: Yes, any parent of a USN student may email Catherine Lemaire Lozier to create a library account. Parents can use their accounts to take out any items they choose.

Q: What options do you have for digital books?

A: We now provide a large collection of e-books and audiobooks through the Sora app. If there’s a book you want in e-book or audio format, ask a librarian if we can add it to Sora.

Q: How do I log into the library catalog?

A: On the catalog home page:

  1. Look up in the right corner for the "Login" button, and click it.
  2. Enter your username and password. If you need help remembering your username and password, or if you are a parent who needs to set up an account, please email Catherine Lemaire Lozier.

Q. What books does my child have checked out?

A: If your child is in grades K-5, email Catherine Lemaire Lozier for a list of the books and their due dates. If your child is in grade 6 or above, we will be happy to email a list to the student. For more information on our privacy policies, see the Hassenfeld Library Privacy and Communications Policy.