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Science 7: Genetic Modification Project (Webber): Intro

Hybrid or Chimera?

Columbia University's online course on stem cells offers the following definitions of hybrids and chimeras (in quotes):

"A hybrid is created when an ovum from one species is fertilized by the sperm of another species. All the cells in a hybrid organism contain the same genetic information that is derived from the two different species." In other words, a hybrid organism can be created via sexual reproduction (ovum + sperm).

"[H]uman-animal chimeras, generated by introducing human stem cells into an animal embryo, are composed of two genetically distinct types of cells. One cell type contains a complete human genome while the second cell type contains a complete genome of the animal species." Inter-species chimeras cannot occur in nature, but must be created in a lab.

Genetic Modification Research Paper

Dolly the Sheep, by Jeff J. Mitchell/Reuters (via Nature magazine)

Here you will find resources for your genetic modification research project. If you need help finding information, please email Ms. Pritchard (kpritchard@email.usn.org).

Choosing an Organism

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