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Social Studies 7: Research Paper (Brown): Intro

Assignment Guidelines

For this project, Mr. Brown requires you to use 6 sources. At least 1-2 should be print sources, and the others may come from our online databases, from the organization's official website, from another reputable website, or from a personal interview.

Your paper should be 2-4 pages long, with a total of 6 paragraphs. You will take notes on index cards, and use NoodleTools to create your bibliography.

Research Paper Resources

Image of Gandhi by Paulo Fehlauer,
used under a Creative Commons license

This guide will help you locate resources for your research paper. If you have any questions or need more help with your research, please email Ms. Buxton (mbuxton@email.usn.org) or Ms. Pritchard (kpritchard@email.usn.org).

Citation Tools

Important: All students and staff must create a personal account in order to use NoodleTools. Ask a librarian if you need help.

To revalidate your account, look on our database passwords page for our school/library username and password.

Ms. Pritchard's Simplified Style Guides