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General English Research Help: Intro

Finding Books in our Library

Most literature books in the Hassenfeld Library are on the main floor in the 800s section.

800s - Literature, Rhetoric and Criticism

     800 - Drama

     808.81 - Poetry

810s - American Literature

     811 - American Poetry

     812 - American Drama

     813 - American Fiction

     817 - American Satire and Humor

820s - British Literature

     821 - English Poetry

     822 - English Drama

     823 - English Fiction

Build Your Vocabulary

Databases About Literature

Citation Tools

Important: All students and staff must create a personal account in order to use NoodleTools. Ask a librarian if you need help.

To revalidate your account, look on our database passwords page for our school/library username and password.

Ms. Pritchard's Simplified Style Guides