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Social Studies 6: World Religions: Globe Project (Lukach): Online Resources

General Databases

Britannica Online contains information about most of the religions on your list. Entries tend to be a few paragraphs long, though you can often find a longer version of the same article by clicking on Reading Level 3.

Research in Context (Gale/TEL) has great information on a wide range of topics, including various religions.

Religion Database

World Religions Online (Facts on File/Infobase) is an excellent resource for this project. It has information on nearly all of the religions on your list, plus a good selection of images.


The BBC's Religions page contains a good amount of information on 20 world religions, including many on your list.

Evaluating Sources

When you want to know whether or not a resource will be useful to you, remember to think like A-CRAB. Consider the following qualities:

  • A uthority
  • C urrency
  • elevance
  • A ccuracy
  • B ias